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Every ten years after the census, governmental agencies by law must redistrict to account for population changes. The County of San Diego has five district supervisors, each representing about 600,000 people.

Each supervisor must appoint one member to a Redistricting Advisory Committee. The members by district are:

Andrea Skorepa, District 1, is the Executive Director of Casa Familiar a Community Development Agency in San Ysidro. Deanna Weeks, District 2, is the Vice President of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District and the President of the East County Economic Development Council, Michel Anderson, District 4, is a registered lobbyist with the City of San Diego and an attorney. . Adam Day, District 5, is the Assistant Tribal Manager, Sycuan Band of Indians and a member of the 22nd Agricultural District Board. Dennis Ridz, District 3 (which includes Del Mar) is a resident of Del Mar Heights and a member of the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board

The committee has held 5 meetings throughout the county and must provide the supervisors with three plans by June 20. On June 28, 2011, the County Supervisors will hold a hearing on the plan and make a decision by September, 2011. The elections in 2012 will be based upon the maps approved by the County Supervisors.

The impact on Del Mar is mixed. The decisions made by the supervisors in general have little impact on the day to day lives of our residents. But our supervisor – Pam Slater-Price has been generous to many of the non-profit organizations that we rely on including Del Mar Community Connections( DMCC) , The Friends of the Powerhouse, the Del Mar TV Foundation, and the Del Mar Foundation (to name a few).

The Supervisors in 2000 attempted to redistrict District 3 to make it harder for Pam to be reelected. They removed Rancho Santa Fe from District 3 and added Escondido. The ploy did not work. There is talk of removing University City from District 3 and adding Carlsbad.

It is always interesting to watch the political games played by the Supervisors as they attempt to ensure their relection.



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