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Garry Shirts Remembered
Art Olson | Avenida Primavera


Primavera Sundown Party February 10, 2007.  Photo Art Olson


Garry Shirts was the kind of neighbor we all wish for. His dry, self-deprecating sense of humor made him easy to converse with, and his love of the community showed through in all that he did. On Avenida Primavera Garry initiated and sustained the yearly street party on February 10, the day each year that the sun sets directly at the foot of our street. Neighbors gather to catch up with each other, have some snacks and drinks, and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. With Garry gone, it is up to us to carry on that neighborly spirit.

Below is an article that Garry wrote for the Sandpiper in December of 2005, in which with his typical humor he recalls the Del Mar he knew. As with all cherished memories, we fondly remember Garry:

“I Remember”

Garry Shirts | Avenida Primavera | Sandpiper December 2005

  • When people used to step outside and look at the sky if they wanted to know if it was going to rain;
  • When people would go in to their houses to make a phone call;
  • When kids from all over north county would come to “the ranch,” Avenida Primavera, to skateboard;
  • When Clark Howard, Superintendent of the Del Mar School District, would mow the school’s lawn on 9th street;
  • When Swede Throneson hosted sundowners and hundreds of people would show up and have a good time;
  • When I went into Zel’s Liquor and he would call me by name;
  • When we would park on top of the plaza and not underneath it;
  • When Chiquita Abbott’s Real Estate offices were in the old plaza;
  • When almost every house in Del Mar had an antenna on it;
  • When Richard Roe, a City Councilman, tried to get the boundaries of Del Mar extended 3 miles into the ocean;
  • When I ate abalone sandwiches and clam chowder at El Pescador;
  • When the people who used to live in the apartments above what is now the Earth Song bookstore would open their windows and hang their laundry out to dry;
  • When we paid our telephone bill at Pacific Bell, which is now the Del Mar Café (ed. Note – now Zel’s);
  • When Candy Black used to sit out in front of her hand-painted t-shirt shop waiting for customers;
  • When some surfer dudes transformed the old church into a restaurant. They installed fiberglass “surfboard” tables, bender board, brightly colored fiberglass covers for the lights, and put a big sculpture of an Albatross on the roof. It is now the Library;
    I also remember the Plum Pudding, Wilkinson’s Garden and Supply store in Solana Beach, the Esmeralda book store, the Mobile gas station, the Del Mar drug store, The Golden Rollin’ Belly, Heidi’s Deli, Del Mar Danish, the Chevron station, Global Travel Service, the Del Mar Travel agency, Big Bear Grocery, Boney’s, Windmill Farms, Jonathan’s, Ocean Song Gallery, The Wine and Cheese Shop, The Bank of Del Mar, Dini’s Restaurant, Psychology Today, Publisher’s Inc, The Fire Pit, Johnny Rockets, Carlos and Annies, The old Del Mar Hotel, The Del Mar Surf Comber, Jefferson Realty, Kirby’s Restaurant, the 7-11 on Camino Del Mar, Country Downs, Vilma’s dress shop, and Sorenson’s Travel where En Fuego’s is now



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