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The census has arrived, the census has arrived! And again Del Mar has lost population. The usual explanation for this loss is due to more people making Del Mar their second, third or fourth home. But I am sure that Dr. Rich will have a better explanation based upon black holes and alien abduction.
While the rest of San Diego County gained population between 1990 and 2000 Del Mar and Coronado lost population in 2000. In 2010 Del Mar was joined by Solana Beach and Imperial Beach.

Del Mar’s population for the past 5 decades
  Population Change
1960 3,124
1970 3,956 26.63%
1980 5,017 26.82%
1990 4,860 -3.13%
2000 4,389 -9.69%
2010 4,161 -5.20%


The population characteristics of Del Mar are very different from the rest of the county. In 2010, the number of non-white people in San Diego County has surpassed the number of white people by a small number 1,500,323 vs 1,500,047.
In the table below the comparisons between the racial profiles of San Diego County, Solana Beach and Del Mar are displayed.

In future articles the comparison of educational attainment, income and age distribution will be explored.



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