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Virginia Lawrence | Caminito Del Rocio


Kids News cast and crew.  Courtesy Del Mar TV Foundation


Watch Kids News here

How would you like to watch a San Diego County Superior Court session in which jurors, attorneys, bailiffs, clerks and the defendant are in their teens? What about a licensed nurse training her horse for Search and Rescue in the Sheriff’s SAR program, or a Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel being interviewed for the nightly news by a Del Mar teenager?

Perceiving a need in the community, Luana Karr and Meghan Anderson decided to expand Del Mar Television Foundation’s video program to include more than just the coverage of local events; they began creating videos whose purpose would be to showcase local residents making a difference, and would inform the public about available volunteer activities. Luana is the project director, while Meghan, who is DMTV’s manager, does the editing and mentors the DMTV interns who participate in the making of these videos. (DMTV accepts applicants for its intern program from UCSD, SDS, USD, Torrey Pines High School, Canyon Crest Academy, and Carlsbad High School.)

SAR Volunteers in training. Courtesy Del Mar TV Foundation


Watch here

On April 4 DMTV added a video-on-demand (VOD) page to its website. Currently available for viewing are the following new videos: the DM Art Center; Del Mar Community Connections, the DM Fairgrounds, Kids News, the DM Junior Lifeguards Program, Save IT for Me, and Teen Justice.

In addition, if you visit DMTV’s Vimeo account page, you will be able to view SAR Volunteers to the Rescue, the DM Garden Club, and the most recent DM Art Stroll.

Luana Karr (L) and Meghan Anderson (R).  Courtesy Del Mar TV Foundation

Luana Karr, from Alaska, has a background in theater arts. She got involved with Del Mar TV 10 years ago when she took its studio production class. She is now Project Director for Producers Showcase, and for Kids News.

Meghan Anderson, who majored in visual arts media at UCSD, worked her way up through the ranks at DMTV: intern > crew member for Council meetings > crewing for Time Warner sports at local high school sports events. She has been the station manager for 5 years.

Would YOU like to get involved? You can apply to DMTV’s intern program, or you can sign up, as did Luana Karr 10 years ago, for its studio production class. Who knows where this might lead?

Links and connections:

For info about the studio production class and the intern program you can check the website, or email Luana.



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