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The revised plan by architect Dean Meredith for Chasan's requested changes 
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On Monday, May 9 the Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery Center at 1431 Camino del Mar will bring before the City Council a proposal to alter their original plans for this critical property in our small town. Their need to altar their original plans are a result of changes they discovered while remodeling. To meet fire code and ADA code regulations, the original hope to make a smooth transition between Starbucks and their medical facility seems to be impossible. Presently the grading on the property results in a 16-18 inch differential between Starbucks and the clinic. The grade makes it seem impossible to make a transition between good coffee and comfortable seating. The original goal, to have an ‘easy transition’ between properties will need changes both on the north patio, at the street front on Camino del Mar and finally on the south end, where the parking lot is located.

Changes proposed

Due to fire code regulations the flagstone path on Camino del Mar will be eliminated. To better direct foot traffic from Starbucks, a three-step riser will be installed, including a handrail and sidelights to assist pedestrians at night.
A two-foot fence, matching the exterior woods of the building, will be installed along the property line, protecting the landscaping and directing the traffic towards the riser.

The oversize bench-chairs (already installed) will need to be removed. To allow for more seating in the area, 15 smaller outdoor chairs to be scattered throughout the north patio area. No change will be made with the seating around the water fountain, which already allows 21 seats.

The water feature will not be altered.

On the south-end of the property, the three seats originally noted on the plans will be eliminated due to the ADA code (which requires a smooth grade from the east side of the property to Camino del Mar). Seating in that location would prevent access for handicapped and thus it has been eliminated.

The City Council will need to find that the revised proposals meet the spirit of the agreement they made with Dr. Chasan to make improvements on this property that encourages public use to the space in the front of the building on Camino del Mar.
Construction and code regulations forced the architect and Dr. Chasan to adjust their original plans.



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