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  Why Waste Water?
Hershell Price | Del Mar’s Representative to the County Water Authority


Your efforts are paying off, but the race is far from over! Keep up the good work!

Governor Brown on March 3oth declared the drought officially over throughout the state of California. The major reservoirs up and down the state are brimming with water and the snowpack in the Sierras and northern California is greater than it has been in many years. Significantly, the water content of the snow is 165% of normal at the last reading. Water is being released from our state’s largest reservoir at Lake Oroville for flood control purposes and San Luis Reservoir south of the Delta is at capacity.

At its upcoming April board meeting, The Metropolitan Water District, of which the County Water Authority is a member, will be coming out of allocation which means that all restrictions on water use will be removed. Most likely, the County Water Authority will follow this month by removing its drought restrictions also.

This is good news for the region but the need to conserve continues. Over the past three years the cost of wholesale water has increased by over 70% while water use has been reduced by around 32%. Costs will continue to rise significantly over the next few years due to many factors, including the cost of energy to move the water from the Bay Delta to Southern California.

Del Mar has done its part in conserving water during the drought and has helped to fulfill the State’s mandate of reducing consumption 20% by the year 2020. We live in an arid region and droughts can reappear quickly so conservation must become the “New Normal,” a term being voiced by the County Water Authority and water leadership throughout the state.

Let’s all continue to make water conservation a success throughout the region!



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