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  Council Prioritizes ... And Reaches Out
Lee Haydu | Del Mar City Councilmember


All members of the City Council know how important it is to good decision making to get valuable feedback and participation from Del Mar citizens. At our City Council retreat in March we set a top priority on doing community outreach. We agreed that a good first actions step would be to create a citizens’ advisory committee for the expressed purpose of devising ways to involve more citizens on a regular basis in our local government activities.

Both Terry Sinnott and I, the most recent members, know from our election campaigns how much we learned from neighborhood meetings and door front conversations. We also heard from those we spoke with that there is a high level of interest among citizens for more citizen participation. We both promised to make that a high priority for our tenure. We believe we will be more effective if we know what is on your minds. The rest of the Council members were very receptive to making citizen involvement a high priority.

The new citizens’ committee will be asked to come up with a variety of ways to meet our goal. Look for the formation of the committee in the near future.



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