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  Wiki-leaks Flood Del Mar 
Art Olson | Avenida Primavera


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Thanks to the Freedom of Infotainment AcT this reporter was able to gain access to the massive wiki-leaks trove of private correspondences. After deep and arduous searches a number of revealing documents are now shining new light on what is really going on around town. To wit:

Intercepted e-mails have revealed secret plans between the Del Mar Village Association and the City Council to buy Solana Beach’s Cedros Design District and annex it to Del Mar. The plan involves a posse of wealthy horsemen and a bevy of interior decorators that have bonded together to finance the deal. It appears that the motivation is to finally bring some style and commercial success to Del Mar, while at the same time providing the city with a northern defense strategy to keep the Fairgrounds and racetrack from the grips of Solana Beach.

In other uncovered documents, we found that the Del Mar Historical Society is formulating an unorthodox strategy to finance the movement of the Alvarado House to the newly acquired Shores Park. Correspondences suggest that the only feasible way to pay for the move and to keep it self-sustaining once in place would be to combine Del Mar’s longest standing house with its oldest profession – and create the Alvarado House of Massage. While this approach may rub many the wrong way, it will certainly encourage more interest in Del Mar’s historic past.

A series of intercepted tweets among the Friends of the Dieguito River Valley has brought to light the group’s radical measure to keep the river mouth open in the face of the sand displacement plans put forth by SANDAG. A sub-committee, calling themselves the Sandinaysters has formulated a pact with the Board of the 22nd Agricultural District to offer both support and even hostess services for the Fair Ground’s ever-present gun shows if the Board agrees to use its political muscle to halt the proposed sand dumping to the northern beaches. The revelation of this secret “Hostesses for arms” swap to help the Sandinaysters, is clearly an embarrassment to the Friends.

Even Del Mar Community Connections’ squeaky-clean reputation is not immune to the power of WikiLeaks. Recently exposed e-mail exchanges between DMCC board members have revealed unorthodox tactics regarding their new Connections at Home program. In an effort to enroll more ageing baby-boomers into the program, it has been suggested that the new DMCC vehicle be used as a mobile medical marihuana dispensary. The program has been tentatively called the Grateful Deadhead Brigade.
More details on these and other behind-the-scenes details of Del Mar’s “dark side” can be found at www.wikilieaks.delmar.aprilfirst/surprise.



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