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  700 Violations? 
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Every elected and appointed government person is required to fill out an annual Form 700 from the California State Fair Political Practices Commission to report income, investments, loans, gifts and other monetary conflicts of interest that a person may have within the jurisdictional boundaries of the board, commission, council on which the person sits. Del Mar council members and advisory board members are required to disclose their monetary conflicts within the City of Del Mar. These conflicts do not include primary home ownership.

For the 22nd Agricultural District, each board member is required to disclose any income, gifts and benefits, that come from any part of San Diego County. On the Form 700’s for 2009 Michael Alpert, Ruben Barrales, Adam Day, Ann Davies, Kim Fletcher and Vivian Hardage each declared income from business and investments within San Diego County. Barry Nussbaum, Russ Penniman and Kelly Burt declared no income. None of the board members declared any gifts.

In a cursory internet search, Russ Penniman is CFO for Earth and Material Sciences, with headquarters in Riverside and a branch office in Escondido. This company does analysis of soils for casinos. Barry Nussbaum is president of BNC Real Estate. The headquarters of BNC is in Dallas Texas and there is an office in Solana Beach. Kelly Burt is CEO of Price Self Storage which is listed in Rancho Bernardo. It is difficult to believe that none of these three board members have income being generated from San Diego County.

Each board member is given numerous tickets for events at the fair. These probably do not need to be disclosed unless the board is approving leases and other agreements for these events. This probably applies especially to Penniman, Burt and Davies who also sit on the Race Track Leasing commission, if they are accepting free seats during the race season.

The Sandpiper has requested the Form 700 for CEO Tim Finnell and all board members due by April 1, 2011.


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