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  Replacements, Step Up! 
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Many of the current members are on expired terms.



Fair Board members are appointed by the Governor, usually for four year terms. Until now, these appointments have been made to reward political contributors without regard to qualifications. There is a belief that Governor Brown may be receptive to appointing more qualified members with backgrounds in civic involvement, business operation, financial management, municipal management, and environmental protection. Many of the current members are actively undermining local efforts to achieve local/regional control. Many of them who are behaving unprofessionally are on expired terms--see the list on the right.

If we could change the composition of this Board, it would enable local residents and citizens of the County to engage in honest rational deliberation about the future of the fairgrounds. We are publishing this list to alert potential new members about appointments opportunities.

The process is simple-- fill out an application on the Governor’s website, gov.ca.gov/s_boards&commission appointees.php. Look for the 22nd Ag District.
Think seriously about yourself or other capable reasonable prospects. Timing is uncertain, but the sooner we get new applications in the better. With some concerted citizen action we may be able to convert a toxic situation into responsible and accountable government.



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