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  Dressing Up Del Mar 
Del Mar Garden Club, Del Mar Television Foundation



Last year the Del Mar Television Foundation realized that Del Mar was in need of some short videos highlighting the different organizations and volunteer opportunities in Del Mar.  The Garden Club was re-vamping the outside area at City Hall and we thought that would be a good opportunity to start and to showcase part of what the Garden Club does for the Del Mar Community.  We began taping the work from pulling out the weeds and old shrubs to replanting and final the beautiful transformation. 

In the meantime, Luana Karr thought it would be a great idea to incorporate our Education Outreach Mentoring Program and help students feel connected to their community. It would also give the intern an opportunity to put a short story together and to have a short completed piece to add to their reel.  In that light, Meghan Anderson mentored our intern from UCSD, Shilu Zou, tape and edit the piece as well as provide post-production work. This included capturing the area outside the Post Office and the Library.  Luana Karr with Bill Hoffman and Judi Miller arranged for the interviews with Mary Friestedt, Arline Paa and Marielle (Zus) Von Thillo.  She also worked with them to get various photos on some of their projects. Funding was provided by the Del Mar Television Foundation in part with a grant from the Del Mar Foundation.   See more videos from Del Mar TV here.

The Del Mar Garden Club keeps our public spaces garden friendly and inviting to our citizens and visitors.  Frequently, members of the DMGC can be seen working side by side with employees of Public Works and Aztec Landscaping keeping our public spaces beautiful.  Some of the areas where one can see the attention to detail given by the garden club include:

  • The Post Office
  • Walk-way next to the Gold Center
  • Side-walk garden plots at 14th and Camino Del Mar cross-walk near Bully’s
  • The Public Library
  • Del Mar City Hall
  • Crest Rim Park

The DMGC is currently undertaking a new project called “The Pride of Del Mar.”
The club will be giving awards for the best looking storefronts in the village. The awards will be presented twice a year in Spring and Fall. Questions? Judim5@aol.com

The Del Mar Garden Club Works to Keep Del Mar’s Public Spaces Beautiful. The crosswalk in front of Bully’s.  Photo courtesy Del Mar Garden Club



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