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readers’ most perplexing questions.


Q: I notice that there is a lot of activity lately next to Starbucks. Is there something going on that I should know about? - c.r.
Wow! Is there ever! The largeish retail space there is being converted to offices for a plastic surgeon. (Footnote: I am not making this up.) I’m sure you must have heard of the City’s highly touted “Reeevitalization Plan.” Yes? Well, this conversion is just the latest implementation of that Plan. In an earlier move, in 2008, over 4,000 square feet of retail space on the north side of 15th were eliminated to make room for a beauty spa. (Again: I did not make this up!) Looking forward, it is rumored that the Dinosaur Gallery will soon be turned into a tanning salon, the Frustrated Cowboy will do mud facials (San Antonio style, of course) and that tall structure in front of Kirby’s (oops . . . Sbicca) will become a climbing wall. At Bully’s you may be able to substitute a manicure for the fries. (Okay, okay . . . I did make up some of that.)

Nevertheless, by now the direction the City Fathers are taking is abundantly clear: This Reeevitalization Plan is not about pumping up taxable sales in our business district, it’s about Reeevitalizing you, me and the occasional tourist. We are going to be nipped and tucked and polished all over. AND we are going to be FIT!
I just hope someone is there to Reeevitalize me when I fall off that damn wall.

Q: What is the shortest street in Del Mar? - b.e.
I have researched this carefully so I can tell you with confidence that it is a dead heat: between 1st Street, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 16th and Mariposa Way. They are all exactly the same length, which is precisely zero feet! (For our European readers, that translates to roughly zero metres). And that is because none of them exist. Go ahead . . . try to find one. If you are successful, run don’t walk to City Hall to tell them you have located one of their missing streets.

But as for Mariposa Way, don’t bother. I made that one up. It sounded like the sort of place where I would like to live, instead of . . . yuk . . . 11th Street.


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