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Dave Druker | 10th Street


November 2010 Election results in printable pdf format


There were of course no surprises in the Del Mar City Council election as Terry Sinnott and Lee Haydu were the only active candidates, although Jim Tucker received more votes than Michael Winn did in 2006.

The turnout for the election was quite good. Usually the mid-term elections have low turnouts. The state had a turnout of almost 60%, the county 64% and as usual Del Mar had over 75%. Absentee voters continue to grow with almost half of the voters in Del Mar using absentee ballots.

In terms of voter registration, Del Mar is pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Nonetheless, ¼ of our voters decline to identify the Party to which they belong. In comparison to the county and state we are vastly different. The county is overwhelmingly Republican while the state is overwhelmingly Democrat.

Again it will be interesting to see how redistricting will affect Del Mar’s representation in the state assembly, state senate and US Congress.


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