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  We’re Number 1
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Local Property Taxes Compared.  Compiled by Dave Druker



By most measures, Del Mar on a per capita basis usually ranks number 1 in the County. In reviewing a recent article in the Union-Tribune on property taxes and re-development taxes, Del Mar’s ranking in two measures outstrips the rest of the county – property taxes per capita and property taxes by square mile. Below is a table of property taxes collected in 2009 by city. I have left out the unincorporated portion of San Diego County. Del Mar generates about $17.6 million of property taxes, this ranks us number 12 out of the 18 incorporated cities in San Diego County. On a per capita basis we generate about $4000 of property taxes which is 3 times more than Coronado. On a per square mileage basis, we generate about $10 million which more than twice the amount generated by Coronado.

Unfortunately, Del Mar does not get to keep all of the property taxes generated. We receive about 13% with the rest going to the school district, the county and state. The reason for the split out of the redevelopment property taxes is due to these taxes going to the city rather than being split by other entities. Most redevelopment areas encompass commercial properties, so it is interesting that Del Mar generates more regular property taxes than Poway, San Marcos and Escondido.

The other measures that Del Mar ranks number 1 is crime and staffing. Unfortunately, these figures do not adjust for the number of people served by Del Mar on a daily basis. If they did the numbers would be cut in half as the daily population of Del Mar is closer to 10,000 people rather than the official census of 4,500.



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