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After eight years and many hurdles, the utility poles along Camino Del Mar at the south end of town will finally be removed. It has been a long process.
Back in September 2003, the City Council identified 15 utility poles on Camino Del Mar, between Cordero Road and Wesley Way that would be undergrounded using the City’s 20A conversion funds. In April, 2007, the City authorized construction of the new underground utility system to begin. The contractor completed the trenching and installed the conduit for the new system in the summer of 2007. But the project ran out of funding before the new cables could be pulled, the connections made and the poles removed.

That is not good. Without completion of the project, the new conduits were left empty, subject to damage when street repairs are made. Also, the investment of $1.2 million dollars of conversion funds was not creating a public benefit, since the old overhead poles remained in place.

Thanks to efforts by City Staff, community leaders, and SDG&E, a solution has been found to complete the project. On February 3rd, Jim Benedict, David Scherer, and Mark Delin met with Rick Gardner from SDG&E. Rick Gardner identified a simple solution. SDG&E has a capital improvement project scheduled to increase the capacity of its circuit that runs along the south end of Camino Del Mar. By advancing their project a few months, SDG&E will use their capital improvement project funding to pay for the new underground cabling that will complete the project. Work can be scheduled for the second half of this year. The target for removing the 15 utility poles is March 1st, 2012.



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