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  2010: Poll Positions
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Every two years we go to the polls to elect our representatives and determine new policies and laws. It is always interesting to see how Del Mar voters compare to the rest of San Diego County and the State of California as a whole. See chart that displays the voting totals for a number of races and propositions. While in some races, Del Mar voted similarly to the state and county, Del Mar was steadfast for the legalization of marijuana and a vehicular fee to pay for parks.

In Del Mar, the City Council race was no surprise as Jim Tucker had dropped out of the race. Both Francine Busby and Crystal Crawford won in Del Mar but lost in the rest of their respective districts. The voters in the City of Del Mar pretty much followed the rest of the Del Mar Union District to elect three new members of the school board.

In terms of turnout, Del Mar had a 75% turnout; the county had a 64% turnout while the state had a 60% turnout. In Del Mar 44% of the eligible voters used absentee votes while 31% went to the polls, in the county, 36% were absentee and 29% went to the polls, in the State 28% were absentee and 37% went to the polls.

In 2012 there will be a number of changes that may have an effect on our representation at the state and federal level. Redistricting is being completed by a citizen group rather than elected officials. This may create districts that are more competitive and may put Del Mar with more like-minded communities along the coast. Also the primary will be non-partisan as the two top vote-getters from any party will have a run-off in the general election.

Results in pdf format

Candidate City of Del Mar Districtwide/ Statewide
Jerry Brown 48.32% 44.04% 53.80%
Meg Whitman 49.51% 49.81% 40.90%
Attorney General
Kamala Harris 43.74% 38.62% 46.10%
Steve Cooley 49.28% 51.81% 45.30%
US Senator
Barbara Boxer 50.11% 43.47% 52.20%
Carly Fiorina 47.20% 50.66% 42.20%
50th Congressional District
Brian Bilbray 44.90% 56.65%
Francine Busby 51.28% 38.96%
74th State Assembly District
Crystal Crawford 57.34% 38.08%
Martin Garrick 38.23% 55.50%
PROP 19-Legalize-Regulate-Tax Marijuana
Yes 58.89% 47.14% 46.50%
No 41.11% 52.86% 53.50%
PROP 21-Vehicle Fee to Fund State Parks and Wildlife Programs
Yes 55.42% 39.07% 42.70%
No 43.58% 60.93% 57.30%
PROP 23-Unemployment Rate to Affect Air Pollution Control Laws
Yes 42.74% 43.88% 38.40%
No 57.26% 56.12% 61.60%
PROP 25-Simple Majority Required for State Budget
Yes 54.86% 48.48% 55.10%
No 45.14% 51.52% 58.10%
Del Mar Union School District
Douglas Rafner 24.23% 24.52%
Jason Maletic 6.65% 7.15%
Kristin Gibson 23.84% 24.23%
Scott Wooden 28.39% 28.95%
Steven McDowell 16.89% 15.15%
Del Mar City Council    
Jim Tucker 256  
Lee Haydu 1196  
Terry Sinnott 1369  
Voting  Percentages    
Voters at polls 31.60% 28.85% 36.55%
Absentee voters 44.26% 35.87% 28.29%
Total voting 75.86% 64.23% 59.59%


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