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Facelift for Fifteenth
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Construction at 15th and Camino Del Mar.  Photo Art Olson


Rendering W. Dean Meredith



What is going on next to the Starbuck’s Coffee on Camino Del Mar?
For months residents have witnessed major renovations including the gutting of the interior and major enhancements to the exterior of the former Ryan’s dress shop and Union Bank building. Owners of the property, the Del Mar Partnership, welcomed Dr. Paul Chasan, a local surgeon, to operate a cosmetic surgery center on the property.

Working closely with the City Council and planning departments the project was approved and is scheduled to open in February. Although downtown had a moratorium on opening businesses that offer ‘personal services’ (yoga classes, hair and nail salons, dog grooming, dry cleaning) where no sales taxes for these services return to the city, this cosmetic office was allowed based on the amenities Dr. Chasan added to the exterior which encourages pedestrian flow, and seating and hides the parking lot. Additionally, there is a small retail element called Pebbles wherein taxes will come to the City.

Local architect Dean Meredith is the exterior architect working closely with Mark Riley, interior architect. Dr. Chasan designed this state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment center. Although the footprint of the building remains much the same, new ledger stonewalls and planters have been added as well as new cedar horizontal siding for a fresh new look. A new water feature is being added which is comprised of a two-sided waterfall cascading to two water ponds surrounded by much-needed public seating.

Under the direction of landscape architect Gary Stone new landscaping will soften and enhance the appearance of the structure. The overall impact on the corner of 15th Street and Camino Del Mar will be greatly enhance and encourage more public use.

Patients will enter the office at the southwesterly door. The reception center, diagnostic room, a surgery bay and a day spa are planned for the interior. Additionally a small retail shop call ‘Pebbles’ will offer skin care products, compression ware as well as some high-end pajamas and robes. The Del Mar public is welcome to shop in this retail shop.

Concerns about Cosmetic Surgery in Town?
Some residents fear that they will see ‘walking mummies’ with gauze bandages (like zombies) leaving the building. Dr. Chasan reminded us that modern cosmetic surgery no longer treats post-op patients like that. Rather, patients have the day-spa for recovery and usually minimal bandages are used. Importantly, the designers specifically positioned a backdoor so that patients can exit into a car, which will be only a few steps from the cosmetic center.

Who is our new neighbor, Dr. Paul Chasan?
Dr. Chasan is presently on staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla and holds a teaching position at UCSD, Department of Surgery where he completed his general surgery residency. He is also on the board for Angel Faces, a non-profit helping teenage girls deal with facial disfigurement. Typically these girls have been burn victims or have birth defects. At a weeklong retreat, these girls learn a ‘fresh’ way to view themselves so that they might better cope with social pressures of having a physical disfigurement.

Dr. Chasan also pointed out, “Our facility will provide (a laceration clinic) so injuries occurring around the DM area can be treated and repaired by a board-certified plastic surgeon without having to wait hours in a hospital emergency waiting room.”

Joining Dr. Paul Chasan in this practice will be Dr. Vince Marin. Welcome to Del Mar.


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