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Fair Talk Needed Now

The dialogue on Del Mar’s pending purchase of the Del Mar Fairgrounds has reached an interesting pitch.

At the shrill end the 22nd District Agricultural Association (DAA) Board members are pulling out all the stops to derail Del Mar’s purchase. Some of that shrill sound is troubling given the conflict of fiduciary interest openly displayed by the DAA.

On the low end is the Del Mar City Council who continues a sparse communication on the facts of the purchase to the community at large. This is certainly not the time for the City Council to be coy.

And in the middle are the sounds of speculation and second guessing and perhaps a not too subtle shout from Solana Beach for a piece of the Fairgrounds pie.

The Sandpiper maintains that the purchase is a must complete task for Del Mar for many reasons not the least of which is the continuation of Del Mar’s historic roll as custodian of the coast and wetlands that border its boundaries and beyond.

Make no mistake there is a clear path for Del Mar to lead the way to a new governance of the Fairgrounds. A governance that upholds the vibrant activities that the region expects from the property while ensuring the harmony of those activities with adjacent communities and the environment.

We encourage all the voices on this discussion to keep that clear path in mind when they reach for the microphone or the keyboard.


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