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DMCC volunteer since 2008 Dr. Mark Kalina is both an old-fashioned physician and an explorer. He makes house calls and he pursues both conventional and complementary approaches in working with a patient to restore health.

Utilizing his wealth of experience, Dr. Kalina has opened a new practice in Del Mar that is directed at adults who may have chronic disease or multiple diagnoses, who want to have their questions answered, who feel that they’re wearing out, who are anxious about end of life issues, or who simply want to feel better.

Kalina’s initial visits with his patients, who can meet him at his office or their homes, can last up to two hours. He wants to take the time necessary to understand an individual’s health, family history, and goals, as well as responding to the person’s questions, anxieties, and fears. The patient’s knowledge and understanding of his or her health, diagnosis, and lifestyle are also critical to planning how a person can heal.
The next step is for Dr. Kalina and his patient to make an individualized healing plan based on the information from the interview and other available data such as formal diagnoses, lab tests, x-rays, and opinions rendered by other health providers. That plan includes a new way to look at the person’s situation, and may involve referrals to providers who can help with a new approach, such as various therapists, complementary practitioners, or specialized physicians. The plan also suggests resources to expand knowledge and ways to expand the patient’s support systems. Kalina will then be available to his patients for follow up and support.

Mark Kalina’s practice is supplemental or complementary to primary physician services, particularly as they are practiced in the nation’s health systems. For economic reasons, most primary physicians have 2000 - 3000 patients and typically cannot spend more than a few minutes with each one, never really able to get to know them and the factors that affect their lives and health. Many of these physicians would love to spend more time with their patients, but the current systems do not allow them to do so.

Dr. Kalina will accept neither primary patients nor insurance, keeping his practice manageable and his overhead low. The cost of an appointment is $125. His referrals for tests or medical specialists would typically be covered by a patient’s insurance.
Dr. Kalina is a Board member of Del Mar Community Connections, and his community volunteer work includes the leadership of DMCC’s Health Education Forum, a bi-weekly discussion group for seniors.


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