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  Final Say Dished Up
Richard Earnest | Departing Mayor


Richard Earnest at Chili cookoff in 2008.
Photo Art Olson


Early in 1996, I was asked by a citizen in Del Mar to consider running for City Council. I had a great desire to give back to my community, yet since I had moved so often in my life, I never lived anywhere long enough to be involved. Fourteen years later, I look back and feel blessed that I was approached, and had that opportunity. It has truly been an honor to serve Del Mar and I view it as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Now that the time has come to hand over the gavel, I am very pleased with the many accomplishments of our outstanding city over the last decade and a half. The greatest of them all, in my view, has been maintaining the seaside village atmosphere and culture that attracted most of us to move here, and remains today.

I will miss the wonderful volunteers whose dedication and hard work keep Del Mar moving forward. I will miss the talented staff that has made my time in office so much easier. I will miss the many three-minute offerings by all of you at the Council meetings as you questioned, encouraged, criticized and supported the many issues that face our city by the sea. Brilliant and important input that measured the true essence and value of representative government.

In thinking about my own contributions, the most significant has been to bridge the gap in this community that was so evident when I took office. I believe Del Mar is much less polarized than in 1996 and better equipped to move forward and work together for our common good. Thank you for your support, your trust and your friendship. I look forward to seeing all of you around town and working on ensuring that our beautiful city keeps growing in the quality and character we have all come to love.


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