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  Regional Representation
Dave Druker | 10th Street


As the makeup of the City Council changes with the departure of Crystal Crawford and Richard Earnest and the addition of Lee Haydu and Terry Sinnott, the question of who should represent Del Mar on the various regional boards becomes increasingly critical. For the past 10 years Crystal has given Del Mar a large voice at SANDAG.

Ultimately, regional representation is critical to Del Mar so that the various agencies that control much of the growth and transportation do not use Del Mar as a dumping ground for the county’s problems. Del Mar needs a strong voice along with a person that understands the building of coalitions and has a skepticism of the intentions of the bureaucrats that run the organizations on a daily basis.

It is important that the City Council name representatives who are going to have the possibility of a long tenure on the region’s boards so that our representative can slowly work their way up to a leadership position. When Crystal was made the SANDAG representative, the council had this in mind.

We also need a representative who will spend the time attending the meetings, reading the agenda and making comments that will show that Del Mar is truly interested in what is best for the region. What is best for Del Mar is usually best for the region.

Finally, we need a representative who will not take funds from the regional boards just because of their availability but take funds that will advance what is planned for Del Mar. This of course means that all deals for funds will be transparent to the public as a whole.

Regional representation is an important part of the duties of our council members. The council needs to consider very carefully who to appoint to the various regional bodies to ensure that our voice is heard.


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