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  Growing Scholars
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Manager of the DMFM, Estela Maciel, and her husband Anthony. Anthony is Mary Maciel’s son. Photo courtesy DMFM


This year the Del Mar Farmers Market awarded seven scholarships to students who are part of the Del Mar Farmers Market family. “We are very proud of our scholarship program,” commented, Nicole Holliday, DMFM board member. “For over 15 years our farmers market has granted nearly 100 scholarships. With the constant increase in costs associated with higher education, any financial assistance can make a big difference.”

The scholarship program was created in the early ‘90s in honor of Mary Maciel, one of the original farmers of the DMFM. The Fund was to encourage higher education for the children and grandchildren of participating farmers and vendors.

Scholarship recipient Dustee Womack recently said: “I started Toy Design at Otis (College of Art and Design) on Monday, Aug 30th. I know the money will go to good use. The scholarship money will help me pursue my art degree with greater ease.”
Sarah Parra of KG Growers, a scholarship recipient attending UC Davis, wrote:

“As you know, the budget crisis in California has forced colleges to increase tuition to even higher fees and the burden is on students and families. Now more than ever, receiving this scholarship money provides me the opportunity to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. Many students have had to drop out due to finances. With a full class load and a medical internship this year, I am able to devote more time to my education. I truly appreciate the scholarship and your investment in my future. It means so much to me.”

Other 2010 scholarship recipients and their respective colleges: Eva Nevarez, Cal State Long Beach; Austen Nevarez, Humboldt State; Sara Schaner, University of Dallas; Elena Nevarez, University of California, Irvine; and Noah Schaner, Florida Institute of Technology; Past recipients have attended such prestigious schools as Columbia University, Boston University and UC Santa Barbara.

Shopping at the market not only supports local farmers, it supports the community. The DMFM is the only farmers market in the county to donate 100% of net profits to charity, supporting education, the Del Mar Library, and environmental conservancy. So, when the weekend rolls around, remember to visit the Del Mar Farmers Market; open every Saturday from 1-4pm, at 10th Street and Camino Del Mar.


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