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The Shores is Ours – Now What?

With the successful auction of the City’s Balboa property, and the transfer of the $4.2M proceeds to Del Mar’s Open Space Fund, the 5.2 acre parcel now known as the Shores Park is owned free and clear by the citizens of Del Mar. We have come to this stage through the combined efforts of the Citizens for Del Mar Parks, The Winston School, and the Del Mar City Council. We now enter a new stage in the transition of the property from its former uses to what it is to become as the largest non-beach open space in our City.

- Clearly, the Winston School will remain on the site, with plans to improve its aging facilities, including a new performing arts center. But what of the existing buildings, parking and storage areas formerly used by the Del Mar Union School District? What range of uses for the property should be encouraged and supported? What construction and maintenance costs should be anticipated? These are all questions that we as a city must face in order to realize the opportunities that the Shores acquisition presents.

As is the Del Mar Way, there will be many ideas brought forward and debated. We encourage this process, and urge the City Council to do the same, by promoting open workshops and involving all interested citizens to generate a vision of what is desireable, possible and feasible for the property. We now all own a piece of this wonderful open space, and we would like to see it develop into yet another jewel that makes our city shine so brightly.


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