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  Lee Haydu Listening
Lee Haydu | Candidate for City Council


Lee Haydu. Photo Paul Haydu. Courtesy Haydu Campaign

To be a good candidate and to represent you as an even better City Council member I needed to learn what was on your mind. At neighborhood gatherings people talked about the larger issues in town. However,knocking on your doors you talked to me more about neighborhood issues.

Del Mar’s two square miles is so small, yet I have learned that there are several distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own set of problems and concerns.
In the beach area many of you told me that you were apprehensive about the proposed train platform near your homes. Lots of comments about the impact on residential parking for beach residents as well as the ever increasing trash in the streets during the summer months.

Visiting the Downtown area you also spoke about the impact on residential parking. Some of you feel that a big part of the parking problem is that business employees park on residential streets.

In the hills I heard about the continuing problem of speeding cars, motorists ignoring stop signs and drive through traffic, all of which make walking a dangerous and tension filled experience.

At the south end of town I heard about your fear of fire from overgrown vegetation on the streets as well as in the canyon.

It seems to me that a common thread on almost everyone’s mind was the issue of traffic and parking. Many of you asked why we don’t have “better” retail, the kind that more residents would want to use. The poor condition of the downtown sidewalks came up often.

So many of you told me that it was frustrating to try to find out what the city government was doing. You wanted the return of the preliminary agenda which gave you a heads up in advance of the next council meeting with enough time before that meeting to see what issues were of interest to you.

Another common theme was how much you love our small town way of life and how important it is to protect those qualities, especially from outside developments and sometimes development pressures within our community.

This has been a wonderful learning opportunity for me and it reenforces my determination to breathe your ideas and concerns into our city’s decision making machinery. I will follow up on your concerns and I will continue to reach out to you and stay open to your thoughts. I care about what is on your mind, I want to hear from you, and I want you to feel that I am your representative on the Council.
If I haven’t made it to your home or if you were not at home when I did come, and would like to contact me please email me at: lee@leehaydu.com


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