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Dwight Worden | Seaview Avenue

CALTRANS and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have extended the comment deadline on the draft EIR/EIS for the proposed widening of the I- 5 freeway between La Jolla and Oceanside. The new comment deadline is November 22, 2010. The Del Mar ad hoc advisory committee working to review the draft EIR/EIS has put this additional time to good use.

After creating a list of issues relevant to Del Mar and assigning various committee members to work on those topics, the committee has completed a draft of a comment letter addressing all of the key points from a city of Del Mar perspective, pointing out areas where the draft EIR/EIS is deficient and needs to be improved.

This draft comment letter addresses the issues of: why mass transit alternatives are not considered and why the range of alternatives considered is limited to freeway expansion alternatives; impacts to the lagoon and associated wetlands; noise and sound barriers; spill over impacts to local circulation streets; the possibility of a Direct Access Ramp (DAR) to the Fairgrounds; management of truck traffic, and other issues important to Del Mar. The draft comment letter is now in the hands of city staff and will find its way to the City Council for review and approval in short order.

Anyone interested in reviewing the draft EIR/EIS can find it online at: http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist11/Env_docs/I-5NCCDraft.html. And, anyone can submit comments to CALTRANS up to the November 22nd deadline. A copy of the ad hoc committee draft comment letter, which was in the agenda packet for the last committee meeting, is a public record and copies may be obtained from the Del Mar planning department.


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