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  Stop State Stealing
Henry Abarbanel | Crest


On November 2, vote your self interest: YES on Proposition 22. The State of California is not a well governed outfit. (Possibly this is not news to you). To stay afloat during times when voters demand services and seem disinclined to pay for them, it has “borrowed” to cover “emergencies.”

Proposition 22 should be a slam dunk YES vote for all in 460 cities. When voters passed Prop 1A no one imagined six years later that the State would end up in a permanent emergency situation using local taxes that we need for vital services such as fire, law enforcement, road repair, clean beaches, park maintenance… So Proposition 22 seeks to close the unanticipated permanent emergency of the State and keep local funds local.

Prop 22 opponents are recipients of the local funds the State has taken away from fiscally responsible cities such as the Del Mar. They claim fire districts will lose money, money that came from your fire department. They claim schools will lose money, but, we already pay property taxes to support the schools, and Prop 98 was passed to guarantee the State would support them. However, when the State becomes the mess it is now, where can it turn to meet that Proposition 98 obligation? You got it: it took money from your left pocket (property taxes) and came up short. Now it takes money from your right pocket which you want for your city services.

Yes, a no-brainer. Those who would continue to “borrow” your City money want you to vote no on 22. You and I should say no thanks to them, close the loophole from 2004, and say: no more “borrowing” in permanent emergency. YES on 22 is frankly in each of our responsible fiscal interest; go for it.


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