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Game Over: Tucker is Out!
eBlast sent by the Sandpiper on September 13

Jim Tucker

Jim Tucker revealed in an interview with the Sandpiper on September 12 that he is suspending his campaign for the Del Mar City Council. He belatedly learned that his employment status with the federal government would be in jeopardy should he win the election. Federal employees are restricted under the Hatch Act which tightly regulates political activity. Tucker was told that if elected he would have to “resign his position or decline the office.” Tucker said “ I really enjoy my work conducting surveys for the Census Bureau so I am not willing to risk my job.”

Tucker’s name cannot be removed from the ballot at this stage, but he will make public his decision that he “will not be going to campaign” and urge voters not to check his name on the ballot.

Tucker said he was attracted to politics in Del Mar because of his previous work with the County Registrar of Voters and his interest in making a difference in this community. He intends to seek appointment to one of Del Mar’s citizen committees.
The other two candidates, Lee Haydu and Terry Sinnott, both expressed interest in continuing their efforts to communicate with Del Mar residents so they can better understand their issues and preferences.


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