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Del Mar Way to Go


Meet the Candidates
Both Lee Haydu and Terry Sinnott have scheduled social events to hear ideas and concerns of citizens. You can find out about these events on their websites.
www.leehaydu.com and www.terrysinnott.com

With Jim Tucker dropping out of the City Council race leaving just two candidates to vie for two vacant seats, you might think there is no need for a campaign. We disagree. The Sandpiper urges the two candidates to continue to engage Del Mar citizens via open houses and knocking on doors…essential to the Del Mar process of community involvement and governance.

In the past six years over six hundred people have moved to Del Mar – nearly 20% of all registered Del Mar voters. These new residents may not be aware of Del Mar’s traditional participatory decision-making process and how this process has, since our founding as an incorporated city 50 years ago, created a uniquely engaged community where every voice counts. If there is no campaign, no opportunity to meet and share our views with the candidates we all lose.

So what exactly is the Del Mar Way? It is not:

  • City officials (elected or otherwise) making major policy decisions without sufficient input from residents;
  • Policy decision-making driven by economic fear, the fear of a law suit, or the need to “increase tax revenue at any cost;”
  • Emulating the policies of other communities ignoring Del Mar’s unique qualities;
  • Dismissing the “voices of the populace” as trivial, bothersome, or a nuisance to be “dealt with” or ignored.

The Del Mar Way might be best described as:

  • City officials consulting the Del Mar Community Plan as a guideline for policy decisions and inviting generous community participation in implementing those decisions, even if it takes a little more time;
  • Upholding, with exuberance, plans and programs that embellish or extend the spirit and values of Community Plan for the benefit of current and future generations;
  • Staying fast to the constitution of the Community Plan and endorsing the policies of other communities only when they are appropriate for Del Mar;
    Using a process that demonstrates a history of commitment to public input in any policy decision.
  • Utilizing the rich reserves of talent and know-how in our population to increase the effectiveness of public decisions.
  • Respecting the recommendations of volunteers working on city committees.

We are extremely fortunate to live in a small town that can be a real representative democracy and we are thankful for the countless hours that our elected officials spend managing the business of the City. However, we remain vigilant that our representatives continue to navigate a fine line between independent modes of leadership and participatory decision-making—being attuned to the will of the majority who elected them. That is why a campaign for City Council continues to be important even when there are only two candidates for two seats.


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