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Holy Meters
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive

Photo Sherryl Parks

Residents and visitors are getting the message that “free” parking is no longer available in the St. Peter’s Church parking lot and along church-owned property along Maiden Lane. For the first time in years parishioners are reporting that they are again able to park for church services or other church-related events. Neighboring office workers and visitors no longer can tie up the church parking slots for many hours a day. Locals can’t park either while strolling downtown on a quick errand.

City parking attendants are now issuing parking tickets when they are not able to find the proper church window sticker. Temporary stickers are given to anyone who has legitimate business, like shopping at the thrift shop or office business yet these stickers are restricted to date and time. If visitors to the church are attending a community activity held at the church a “temporary” sticker is issued, again with date and time certainty.

Parking meters will be installed in the near future. Fines generated from these meters will be shared between the City and St. Peter’s Church once the cost for the meters has been covered.

St. Peter’s Church is the only church in the City of Del Mar and it serves the community by hosting the Del Mar Rotary, Del Mar Toastmaster’s Clubs, the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and many events for Del Mar Community Connections. To welcome the community is an important mission of this Episcopal Church; yet, with the shortage of parking in the city, this parking plan helps regulate, in a fair way, the church parking.


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