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  New In-Home Senior Services
Terry Sinnott | DMCC Board member, Nob Avenue

Starting January 1, 2011, Del Mar Community Connections will implement a new group of services called In-Home Connections. This effort will be a pilot program lasting 18 to 24 months to evaluate its success. DMCC will look for at least 20 seniors who would like some in-home help to live independently. The best participant for this program will be a senior who lives at home but can’t drive or run errands on their own, who has a limited contact with friends, and who needs help with home maintenance and safety issues.

DMCC will offer a series of personalized services.

• An individual assessment of each participant’s in-home situation and needs.

• Arranging certified contractors to install safety railings, grab bars and non-slip floor coverings.

• Scheduling certified contractors to perform low-cost home repairs.

• Contacting pre-qualified housekeeping services.

• Arranging volunteers to be a participant’s “personal shopper.”

• Organizing a volunteer to be a “Friendly Visitor” twice a month.

• Daily check-in safety calls to each participant.

• Activity planning to identify social activities for the participant.

• Linking participants with volunteer opportunities in Del Mar.

• Providing individual transportation for shopping and appointments.

• Record keeping assistance to help participants pay bills.

Each of the participants in In-Home Connections will have a personalized set of services based on what they want to help them live at home safely and independently. DMCC plans to hire a Services Coordinator to match participant needs with volunteers and services in Del Mar.

To help defray the costs of these services, DMCC will ask participants to join the In-Home Connections Program as members, and pay an annual fee of $600 per year for the first two years…. or $50 per month. This is a similar fee structure that is used throughout the country, including the Beacon Hill Village in Boston. “This is an exciting time for us,” said DMCC President Shirley King. “We hope to make a wonderful contribution to the lives of our Del Mar seniors.”

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact DMCC at 858 792 7565.


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