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  Bummer Summer
Zoey ZoBell, 17

Photo Zoe ZoBell

While some of us have resorted to teary and dreary afternoons these past months in the face of less than optimal summer weather, others of us have found the time to get creative. The streets of Del Mar were bare for the majority of the summer this season, however the minds of their inhabitants may have never been so productive. Typically during the summer months, the average “Del Martian” teen would have been found captivated in the highly sophisticated sport of shoobie* mocking. Day after day, throngs of local sixteen year olds would embark on their two-block journey to 15th Street, complaining all the while about the seditious herds carrying boogie boards and wearing matching rash guards who were clogging up the pedestrian traffic.

This summer, we saw something different. The angry sky above tormented and churned in a horrific storm of what can only be described as “partially cloudy.” The dismal fate of the city went remarkably unnoticed by tourists. However, the pale-skinned and grim-faced teenagers refused to comply. Where were the teenagers this summer?

Box Canyon. Rancho Penasquitos waterfalls. Bike Path Trail. This year, the youth of Del Mar laced up their hiking boots and gathered with friends in hopes of unveiling hidden treasures in their very own chaparral. Thirty cliff jumps and one $400 fine later, they felt humbled by their exploration. With Bummer Summer came adventure.

A line, seventeen eager young applicants deep, emerged from the doors of Smash Burger two weeks ago. While some were inevitably faced with rejection, others were fortunate enough in situations like this and situations similar to begin their journey on the road to a minimum wage payroll. With Bummer Summer came prosperity.

With a severe lack of vitamin D, their sunken hearts and broken spirits took a leap into the world of artistry this summer. Blaring music was one way each and every teenager could escape the deep depression felt at every sight of a bleak, sunless sky. Matisyahu. Pepper. The Offspring. Ke$ha. With Bummer Summer came music.

Our very own local teenage prima donnas were enlightened this year in the face of a tragic phenomenon. Though the sunburns and beach days are back in full swing now, it is safe to say that Bummer Summer is one that will never be forgotten.

           *Anyone, typically a tourist, who wears shoes on the beach


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