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  Changing of the Guard
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

Three candidates, Lee Haydu, Terry Sinnott, and Jim Tucker have filed papers to fill 2 vacancies caused by incumbents Crystal Crawford and Richard Earnest deciding not to run for reelection to Del Mar City Council.

Lee Haydu has long been active as a leader in civic activities including the Lagoon Committee, PTA, School and most recently as Chair of the Design Review Board.
Terry Sinnott has been very active in the community on the boards of Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) and the Del Mar Village Association (DMVA). He facilitated the Del Mar 2020 strategic planning process.
Jim Tucker, a federal employee, moved to Del Mar from La Jolla several months ago and has not been involved in community activities. He barely qualified for the ballot when nine names on his petition were disqualified because they were not registered to vote or did not live in Del Mar.

The Sandpiper plans to provide much more information about these candidates in future issues. For this issue, each candidate was asked for a brief statement about why they are running and why they think they are qualified.

Sinnott said, “I have over 30 years experience as an executive and consultant helping businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups reach agreement and solve difficult problems.

I want to help Del Mar remain financially strong and achieve our goals of the Community Plan and Village revitalization.”

Haydu said, “My long experience working in our community convinces me that we have made the wisest decisions when we have worked hard to pull in all of the ideas and points of view in the community. I am committed to an open, transparent government, where everyone’s opinion counts. As a council member I will always listen to the voices and concerns of community members.

I support efforts to foster a healthy, vibrant downtown, while maintaining and enhancing the residential village character that we all value.”

Tucker said, “I work for the Department of Commerce as a Field Representative conducting Economic and Statistic Surveys for the federal government. Previously I worked for private businesses as well as the County of San Diego. I was drawn to Del Mar by it’s unique qualities and natural ruggedness. I am running for City Council in order to serve the citizens of Del Mar by listening attentively to their issues and ideas with an open mind and a willingness to work towards effective solutions that benefit the community as a whole. I believe that the City Council should be responsible to the constituency without any personal agenda.


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