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Contemplating global climate change and the threat it represents to our way of life can contribute to a deep sense of hopelessness. For those of us who read the reports, such as the recently issued by the San Diego Foundation “San Diego’s Global Climate,” there is minimal room for optimism! For many, it seems easier to ignore the warnings, deny the reality of what the scientists describe and go on with “business as usual.”

Fortunately, such behavior seldom describes Del Mar’s citizens. Residents have historically shown a remarkable interest in community problems, openness for dialogue and the intelligence and wisdom needed in devising solutions.
This could be a fortuitous time to confront and discuss global warming, what individuals might do to ameliorate it and other environmental tribulations in need of attention. Providently, we have a role-model near-by!

Solana Beach has aggressively moved in the direction of environmental consciousness and action-- gaining national recognition for its efforts. It seeks to reduce the carbon emissions in the City below 1990 levels and established a “Green and Clean Committee” to advise the City on environmental policies and programs. Furthermore, it hired an Environmental Program Manager to oversee this and other environmental initiatives.

Del Mar seems to have made modest efforts in the environmental area. The City Council recently blamed its inactivity on the lack of financial resources and asked that future involvement be considered at its next budget cycle.

In 2006 it appointed a small (six member) Energy Issues Advisory Committee to advise the City Council, Business Community and residents on matters related to energy efficiency. Bruce Bekkar, the Chair of the Committee is to make a presentation to the City Council on June 21st to address this and other issues.

Once again, the residents of Del Mar must determine future involvement in critical community and environmental issues, commit to assisting the City Council in formulating policies, programs or activities to be adopted and implemented. Most important, each of us is being asked to institute changes in our personal lives that nurture rather than destroy the natural environment, and to heed the command “Repent the End is Near.”

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