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Connor Holland, age 14, and Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone. Cooper has the new iphone and Connor is holding his original cell phone. Photo Lynn Gaylord

The first TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference was held at the Powerhouse Community Center on June 2. At TED Conferences speakers are invited to give short, 18-minute talks focusing on new ideas in science, business, the arts and the many global issues that are facing our world. In previous conferences people like Al Gore (TED2006), anthropologist Jane Goddall (TED2003) and string theorist Brian Greene (TED2005) have inspired those in attendance. There are no breakout groups and the talks are videotaped for future viewing.

How did TED Conference Come to DM?

Lynn Gaylord, Board Member for the Del Mar Foundation, met Mike and Liz Eddy at a Friends of the Powerhouse fundraiser for the new Beach Safety center. Mike Eddy got the okay to have a TED Conference here and in less than 5 weeks the Powerhouse was readied with comfortable chairs, state of the art video equipment, and food for the crowd of 100 participants. Speakers were excited to come to Del Mar, especially those from our scientific community. Our very own Deputy Mayor, Dr. Don Mosier, spoke about the status of AIDS.

Speakers Inspired the Audience

Nineteen talks were planned for TEDx Del Mar. Among the exciting presenters was Dr. John Smart from the University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix. He fully expects radical changes with the Internet in the near future. Viewers will likely be able to go into television programs, edit the programs and resend it out to the internet for others to view.

Jim Pinto termed the emerging nations of India and China with a new word – Chindia. He provided facts about how and why global power will shift from the U.S. to India and China by the year 2030. No one in the audience seemed surprised.

V.S. Ramachandran from UCSD Brain Center, gave an update on work done in brain research with mirror neurons in the brain help us understand phantom limb pain. Other speakers spoke about the need to look closely to aid programs. Do they effectively help third world nations or hinder them? David Ellerman had us question the popular micro credit bank programs. Are these programs the best way to provide aid to third world countries?

TED encouraged informal mixing

Question/answer sessions were not allowed. There were no breakout groups at the conference. The format allowed short talks to present as many topics as possible in the time allowed. One of the many students attending the TED Conference was 14-year-old Connor Holland who met Marty Cooper, the innovator of the Jitterbug cell phone and service. A bit of humor was shared as the young Holland held up the first cell phone to call Marty’s state of the art iPhone.

Will there be another TEDx Del Mar?

Proceeds from the 100 attendees at the conference went towards the new Beach Safety Center. People are hoping that another TED Conference be held. Simply sharing ideas, offering solutions for global issues in technology, entertainment and design intrigued the participants. If you missed TEDx Del Mar you can view the speakers at www.tedxdelmar.com.


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