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Jon Edelbrock | Del Mar Lifeguard Sergeant


North Beach Path being cleared.
All photos Stu Smith June 21, 2010

More Beach for All

The construction phase of the one hundred and fifty plus acre San Dieguito Wetland restoration project is near completion. While the bulk of the work has taken place east of Camino Del Mar, there are a few remaining details that will vastly increase beach access, make beach space more usable, as well as beautify three of our beach access locations.

Work in the North Beach area began the second week of June with large bulldozers clearing debris, plant overgrowth, and fashioning a new beach access which runs parallel to Camino Del Mar. This effort will create greater than two thousand square feet of usable beach space in addition to providing the accessible path that runs along the eastern portion of the beach from the vehicle access south to the river. The path location and design intends to mitigate lack of access due to high tides during months of the year with the least amount of sand. This initial work is projected to finish by July 1st.

In the weeks following July 4th, additional enhancements are scheduled along the new access. Drought-tolerant container plants along with hydro-seed will be planted. The overall look and feel of the landscape is intended to accentuate the native plants in the area along with the sand-colored concrete walkway.

Additional access locations are planned work at the 26th, 27th, and 29th Street with 29th Street receiving the most significant of upgrades. A sidewalk with rolled curb along the southern side of 29th Street aims to accommodate beach foot traffic in the area. To further increase access and aesthetics in the area, a concrete path will be added from the street asphalt winding west to the beach stair access. Additionally, like North Beach, landscape will accentuate the new hard scape. An ADA accessible parking stall will also be added at the west end of 29th.

With increased erosion in the winter months, 26th and 27th Streets have become increasingly more challenging to maintain public access. Both will be receiving significant makeovers with longer stairways on the beach side of the seawall to accommodate lower sand levels, much like the 29th Street access re-build five years ago. A slight design modification of building the staircase parallel to the wall should increase the structural integrity during times of high wave energy.

For residents, beach patrons, and Del Mar Lifeguards, the upcoming changes “go above and beyond” the overall project commitment according to City of Del Mar Planning Manager, Adam Birnbaum. For these public space improvements, we should all be thankful.


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