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Slater Slams Split: MEMORANDUM

From: Supervisor Pam Slater-Price
To: San Dieguito River Park JPA


The City of Del Mar Planning Commission considered the Andrews Lot Split at its April 13, 2010 hearing. The Andrews lot is directly west of the Grand Avenue Bridge Overlook and parking area.

The project proposes to subdivide a 2.4-acre single-family residential property into two separate parcels in order to build a second residential unit on the portion of the property closest to San Dieguito Road. The applicant is asking the Coastal Commission to modify the Deed Restricted Open Space Easement on the property required when the first residential unit was constructed.

In addition, the project requires a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Del Mar to allow a reduction in the 100-foot buffer from the wetlands to a 50-foot buffer and to build in a portion of the 10-foot-wide-steep-slope setback required under the City’s Bluff, Slop and Canyon Overlay Zone standards. A portion of the parcel is also located in the flood plain of the San Dieguito River.

The project is being reviewed by Coastal Commission staff. The contact is:

Lee McEachern
California Coastal Commission
(619) 767-2370

This project will have a significant impact on the River Park. I am concerned that the City of Del Mar did not notify the River Park of this potential project within the River Park’s Focused Planning Area. Therefore, I am bringing it to the JPA’s attention and will also notify the California Coastal Commission of this lack of notification.



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