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Ready for the Big One?
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo Road

Shirley King, President DMCC.  Photo Carol Kerridge.


When YOU feel an earthquake do you run for a doorway or leap under a table? Do YOU know how to use a fire extinguisher if you need to or do you fumble around a lot? Do YOU know when to evacuate, and where to?

Let’s hope that you never have to make those choices, but wouldn’t you feel foolish if you did need to make emergency decisions and had missed a chance to learn some simple skills on how to protect your family and your neighborhood?

Four years ago, you may remember that a very popular disaster-preparedness program, “Are You Ready, Del Mar?”, spread throughout our community with over 420 residents attending neighborhood meetings to learn what exactly ARE the disaster risks in Del Mar, how you can plan ahead to make your house and neighborhood less susceptible to damage, what supplies you should have on hand, and what you should do when a disaster actually happens.

This program, which originated here in Del Mar, has taken off like wildfire (pardon the pun!) and has spread successfully to many other communities throughout San Diego County. As Disaster Preparedness has gained more widespread national popularity, new and innovative methods of dealing with disasters continue to be discovered. Working not only to give the latest preparedness tips, the neighborhood meetings also have been praised as a great way for neighbors to connect…and many turned out to be great parties!

The hour-long program has been approved and supported by the City of Del Mar and the Del Mar Fire Department, sponsored by Del Mar Community Connections and taught by resident volunteers.

Therefore, in the spirit of helping to keep our citizens as well informed and as well connected as possible, we have revised our program, added more up-to-date information (including Pandemic Disease and Neighborhood Security), and are offering our Del Mar residents this revised program material in their own neighborhoods once again.

Watch for your neighborhood meeting announcement! Or more importantly, host a meeting yourself! Please call Carol Kerridge if you have questions or would like to host a neighborhood meeting: 858 755-7821 or e-mail ckerridge@ucsd.edu



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