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Don’t Be Left Out! Act Now!

Note: The survey was closed on May 5.

Del Mar city leaders are pursuing a major zoning change in efforts to spur redevelopment and revitalization of our village commercial core. Form Based Code, if approved by the voters, would facilitate expansion of the buildings lining Camino del Mar by instituting a more “developer-friendly” approval process aimed, ultimately, at increasing the amount and variety of viable village businesses. The hope is that through redevelopment businesses will generate increased sales taxes. While this potential major change in our land use policy is “in the works,” it is but the latest proposal for improving our village core. The Community Plan, for 35 years, has called for increases in resident-serving business, and for reducing traffic lanes to increase pedestrian and shopping ambiance. The Streetscape Plan, approved 10 years ago, established desirable aesthetics in signage, landscaping, street crossings, and street furniture. And the debate goes on about impacts to our village economy attributable to the “loss” of train service.

The Sandpiper believes that this is a critical time to take the pulse of the community on these issues. Therefore, we have initiated an online survey to learn your views. We were happy that the Del Mar Village Association joined with us to promote the survey. To date, many respondents have shared their views with us, both by clicking on the “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree” spectrum, and by submitting, more than 500 detailed, thoughtful ideas and reactions to questions ranging from ‘what types of businesses do you value?’ to “what is your reaction to possible increases in size and height for commercial buildings?”. The responses, not surprisingly, have considerable variety. But there are clear trends. And, while the survey is open to all, we can categorize feedback based on whether the respondents are residents, non-residents, and Del Mar business people. We want to give more of you a chance to have your preferences recorded. It only takes a few minutes. Please fill out the survey if you have not done so. We want a representative and robust sampling of community views.

The end date is May 5. Beginning in our next issue we will present the results. They may surprise you!


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