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  Consort Concert
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


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In a remarkable display of unity three local churches, each representing a different denomination (Episcopalian, Catholic and Lutheran) have joined together with The Hutchins Consort to offer a benefit concert on Saturday, April 17th to fund urgently needed health services for children housed in Tijuana orphanages.

The churches are: Calvary Lutheran, St. Peter’s Episcopal, and St. James Catholic. Each of them has a considerable number of Del Mar parishioners, and generously offered to assist Esperanza (Hope) Health Center to expand and intensify its presence among the most vulnerable members of its extremely poor community-- those children living in nearby orphanages, many of whom in the past have been abused and abandoned.

The Esperanza Health Center, located on the western slopes of Tijuana, serves a population of some 120,000 “poorest of the poor,” families and individuals who are without access to any medical care. Some 6000 persons, of all faiths, are cared-for annually by a small staff of doctors, dentists and a nursing staff which includes a number of Catholic nuns.

The Hutchins Consort has strong ties to Del Mar. In fact Drew Cady, former Manager of the San Diego Symphony and the current Manager of The Hutchins Consort is a Del Mar resident. He was moved by the commitment and dedication of Esperanza and, hearing of its economic plight, decided to respond in a manner familiar to him—hold a benefit concert! What is noteworthy, and uniquely different, is that Drew and some of his advisors decided that supporting the Esperanza Health Center was a challenge the local churches might also champion. Indeed, they were right! Three local churches were invited to co-sponsor the concert and each joined in. It quickly became an ecumenical event.

The Hutchins Consort’s extraordinary musicians are prepared to perform an eclectic array of musical works--most pieces are not strictly classical. The program was recently featured during a highly successful international tour. According to one critic, “…the music earned unceasing and enthusiastic applause and even joyful laughter.” An accomplished and triumphant young soprano, Lauren Smith, will accompany them as a special guest.

The Esperanza Benefit Concert will be held on Saturday, April 17th, 7:00 pm in Calvary Lutheran Church, 424 Via De La Valle, Solana Beach. Tickets are $25 Adults/ $18 Students. Tickets are available at each of the churches or may be purchased online at the Hutchins Consort website: www.hutchinsconsort.org/calendar.php.


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