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  Who Are We Anyway?
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Some interesting Del Mar facts to keep in mind for businesses interested in revitalization and our Community Plan calling for resident serving services.

Our population totals 4591.

We occupy 1.8 square miles or 1142 acres with 2537 housing units of which 38% are renters.

Our median age is 45 years, 16% under 21 and 15% over 65, 53% married.

Median household income is $118,087.

Median home value is $1.4 million.

We average 264 sunny days a year.

We are registered 46% Democrat and 56% Republican.

Only 44% of us have religious affiliation.

College graduates number 36%, Masters degrees 18%, male Doctorate degrees 13%, females 5%.



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