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  Local 3/50
Larry Brooks | 9th Street


A Stimulus Package that will work here

To preserve our special Del Mar environment, we must make an investment in it. In these difficult economic times, Del Mar is no different from any other city – the city government, the city’s residents, and the city’s businesses are all struggling.
A woman in Minneapolis has developed a plan to aid this struggle. It is called “The 3/50 Project.” It has been praised by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Consumers’ Report, and a host of other media outlets. The basic idea is to select three businesses in Del Mar you’d miss the most if they were gone, and then strive to spend $50.00 each month in each of those three businesses (thus, The 3/50 Project). It is estimated that if one-half of the employed U.S. population spent $50 each month, their purchases would generate $42.6 billion, and 68% of every dollar spent locally stays in the community through payroll, taxes, and expenditures. As the late Sen. Everett Dirksen (D-IL) said, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”

Check out The 3/50 Project web site at www.the350project.net. There you can read more about the project and download posters to put in the windows of local businesses.

You may save a few dollars on the price, pay no sales tax, and get free shipping when you shop on the Internet; so, heed The 3/50 Project and spend those saved dollars in Del Mar. Let’s preserve our special Del Mar environment – a pedestrian-friendly, walk-able, thriving community.



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