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A Different Downtown
Sam Borgese | 10th Street


Del Mar’s Intrinsic Nature – A New Paradigm

As Del Mar continues its efforts to create a vibrant village commercial center it’s residents need to look beyond the old paradigm of retail development as the catalyst for commercial or financial success and instead turn to the unique attributes that truly differentiate Del Mar from other cities and communities.

The unique attributes of beautiful beaches and natural open space, forested residential hillsides and a border with Torrey Pines State Park are punctuated by a highly desirable year round temperate climate. The combinations of these attributes refresh the body, stimulate the mind, stir the soul and create its intrinsic nature.
It’s this intrinsic nature that captivated Theodore Loop who upon first seeing the area in 1882 believed it was “the most attractive place on the entire coast.” It stimulated Hollywood movie stars to choose Del Mar as a location for a seaside racetrack.

Academics from UCSD seeking an enclave close to the university chose Del Mar for its intrinsic nature followed by journalists, publishers (Psychology Today), architects, artists (Richard Carter’s Art Park) and theater companies (Little Theater) and many, many others who established a creative environment that has flourished for decades.
Del Mar has always been a physical location that stimulated such thought and creative leadership in people who with open eyes understood its unique place in this world and in theirs.

It is the embrace of this one element of thought leadership that begins the process of replacing the old paradigm of commercial revitalization (mass retail unaffiliated with any practical use and tourist shop driven) with a new paradigm. A new paradigm that looks back to the reason why Del Mar exists and without contrivance invites others to visit and discover what Theodore Loop discovered and all those that followed. A place to find oneself and others who share a common belief that solutions are possible when the solution process is supported and encouraged by such a unique environment.

As a center for thought leadership, Del Mar can be a destination for people regionally, nationally and globally that want to gather individually or in groups seeking a respite from the usual. A special place to reflect and enjoy the nature that has been preserved by and for its residents and for those who discover and identify its treasure. People would be attracted to Del Mar who share with its residents the mental and spiritual nourishment and inspiration that Del Mar provides. They would also discover and share an experience of bonhomie with residents and others they encounter during their visit.



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