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FBC Summit
Howard Gad, Chairman – Form-Based Code Committee

FBC Implementation Area Blocks, pdf format
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The Form-Based Code (FBC) committee hosted a joint meeting btween the Design Review Board (DRB) and the Planning Commission (PC) January 28th. The purpose of that meeting was to update all involved and answer questions regarding the FBC process. Some of the questions raised were printed in last months Sandpiper and included: the number of lanes proposed for Camino Del Mar, involvement of the DRB in the process, view blockage considerations, increases in floor area ratios and numerous other important questions. Answers to those questions can be found on the City’s website at www.delmar.ca.us (Select Form-Based Code under Popular Sections then see Answers to 02/10 Sandpiper Question under Related Information ).

The FBC committee has also received significant input from other groups and individuals in town and is in the process of evaluating, then consolidating those ideas into a cohesive, understandable document. Once consensus is reached within the FBC committee on ideas that are felt to make sense, preliminary recommendations based on several alternatives will be solidified and shared with the community in a public workshop.

The FBC committee has also established three sub-committees to study specific aspects of the FBC process. One group is preparing recommendations on how the DRB should be melded into the FBC process, another is studying the detailed ideas on the lot by lot building envelops and the last is establishing design criteria to be incorporated in the final code. We hope to have preliminary FBC draft documentation for review by the DRB and PC by mid March.

In addition to the joint meeting in January, the Planning Commission held a discussion session on this subject February 9th. Various issues were raised regarding increases in floor area ratios, view blockage concerns and the overall FBC process in general. Once the FBC committee completes a preliminary draft of the new code, another joint meeting with the DRB and PC is planned to gain additional input and hopefully consensus on what will be shared with the public in the community workshop. The time and place for the public workshop has not been determined, but we are shooting for April. Eventually the Planning Commission, then the City Council will need to approve the final FBC recommendations. The City Council will decide whether a public vote on the new code is necessary.

Specific questions on the Form-Based Code process can be addressed to Brian Mooney, Interim Planning and Community Development Director, at 858-755-9313 x155 or bmooney@delmar.ca.us


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