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Lewis Alternative
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

UPDATE 03/08/10    Powerpoint Presentation

Lewis Team design alternative.  Prepared by Del Mar Blue.
This map is part of the PowerPoint presentation.


The Fair Board has received an Alternative Plan, a comprehensive design developed by architect Bill Lewis and a top professional design team.

Lewis worked on an alternative because the proposed plan “presents a number of significant adverse environmental impacts” particularly traffic and wetlands impacts and because the northern 1/3 of Del Mar deserves “a more dignified and beautiful entrance.”

The heart of the Lewis plan is a redesigned circulation system which realigns Camino Del Mar within the fairgrounds to connect directly with Jimmy Durante Blvd. and “integrate a multi-modal ground transportation hub into the fairgounds.” With this change and other traffic and parking modifications, the plan improves traffic congestion grades on CDM and Jimmy Durante from “F” to “C,” and Via De La Valle from “F” to “D.” Coast Blvd at the north end of town will go from “F” to “A,” a dramatic reduction of 17,000 to 2,500 cars a day.

The plan’s land use component relocates many of the proposed uses into a more compact area, yielding 64 acres of restored wetlands instead of the 8 acres in the proposed master plan. The alternative plan increases the convention center from 200,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet, eliminates the health clubs, adds 5,000 seats to the amphitheater, and creates 250 units of housing, some low income, to replace the existing trailer park.

The economic yield of the alternative plan is projected to be 33-66% higher in revenue return and local tax receipts.

The plan envisions “integrating the Del Mar region’s natural resources into the enhancement of the fairground development,” a “soft and blending edge between the River Park and the Fairgrounds. It will restore “4 tidal basins with direct tidal flow to the San Dieguito River,” create a perimeter green belt buffer, and a “green belt trail through the south river frontage and by the new pristine Bayo Del Mar at the west.”
Lewis believes many of the structures added over the years “have been an ugly assortment of disjointed architecture.” The image is of classy colonial to the tear-down junkers.Compared with the other 8 major public venues in San Diego County, it would be at the bottom. “A tragedy for this prime coastal site.” The answer for the image and aesthetics is the landscape. His plan “will tie this east facade together with background trees to soften the architecture, a wall to hide at pedestrian level, an arbored colonade for linkage and continuity, paving and a front line of trees.”
For Lewis, the “goal is to be as successful as Balboa Park, where the buildings are only partially visible through the green.”


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