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Undergrounding: Helps
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Each person will make his or her own decision about whether to vote for undergrounding, here is why I am voting for it.

1. I believe when I own property I have an obligation to maintain it. We have an aged, unsafe electrical system in our area that needs to be replaced. I don’t believe my homeowner obligation ends because I am 76 years old. It would be nice if I could get someone else to pay for it or take the pain out it, but I don’t believe that is possible.

2. It will make us a safer community. I agree the probability of starting a fire that can’t be controlled is low, but it is very real. If we have a fire in Del Mar, the cost of undergrounding will seem miniscule.

3. It will make a more beautiful community. We have more than 320 ugly, poison creosote poles in the area with thick black ugly wires stretched between them. I would like to take this opportunity to remove them.

4. Now is the time. It’s been a long and tortuous process to get it to the ballot. If defeated, no group of volunteers will likely be willing to put forth the energy to get it to the ballot again.

5. I’m aware the discrepancy in property taxes has favored me. I have paid around $700 in property taxes each year for the past 32 years for a total of $22,400. A parcel across the street similar to mine in size and value but purchased in 2006 pays $24,400 each year or 34 times my rate. I take this equation into account when I think of the fairness of the assessments.

6. I believe if we take a problem solving approach we can create solutions for the financial issues that worry people. We’ve formed the Community Support Fund, we’ve got an active group of people willing to pledge money to the fund as the need arises, we have more assets than 99% of zip codes in the United States. The average yearly payment for the undergrounding assessment is $2,000. My house is worth more than a million dollars, and I believe I can figure a way to use that asset to make a $2,000 yearly payment and do the trenching as well. I believe if we work together, we can achieve similar results for everyone in the community.


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