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Rescuing Lifeguards
Piper Underwood | Rimini Road


Photo Piper Underwood


To say my family is competitive would be an understatement. Absurd as it may sound, our annual Christmas gift exchange became a contest for who could be the most thoughtful.

This year’s Christmas gift exchange was indeed a thoughtful one with my dad, a diehard Bruin, giving my husband, a diehard Trojan, Emerald Bowl paraphernalia complete with a poem mocking USC’s football season.
You can imagine our surprise when my mother opened her gift from my husband (who is known for re-gifting items with his name engraved upon them), and it caused her to well up. We all sat up in our seats to get a glimpse of the gift that caused such a reaction.

A brick?

Of course this was no ordinary brick. This one had the words “Christy Hahn ~ Grandma C.C.” written on it. The card read, “Grandma C.C., a brick inscribed with your name on it will be installed at the new Lifeguard Headquarters at 17th St.” My husband’s donation will go directly to fixing up the old Del Mar Lifeguard Headquarters.

I can’t think of a more meaningful gift to give my mother, except, well, maybe more grandchildren, and I’m not THAT competitive.

“The ocean is why we live here,” she says. “Our lifeguards are the best and that’s what they deserve.”

Thus far, The Friends of the Powerhouse have raised approximately $300,000 for a remodeled tower. The Friends agreed to raise 1/3 of the cost for revamping the old headquarters, with the city covering the rest. The total cost at present is estimated around 2.5 million.

People need to remember that the lifeguard headquarters has been around for a number of years already providing valuable city services to every single person who steps foot on the beaches of Del Mar, said Friends’ President Barbara Harper. This isn’t a neighborhood issue, she contends, but a city one.

You may see your Del Mar lifeguard coordinating the removal of a whale at Dog Beach, or even a boat, but most importantly they keep the people of Del Mar and its visitors safe, and that is priceless.

Casino Night, a fundraiser for the new headquarters, is scheduled for Saturday, February 6th from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. at the Powerhouse. Of course there will be games of chance, and if you’re wondering if my family will be there, you can bet on it!

Photo/Graphic Piper Underwood


Painting by Mac McMillan - 1993



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