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Please STOP Me!
Sandi Weaver | 19th Street


Many of the residents in the area of Coast Blvd and 18th Street consider it a dangerous intersection. Community Service personnel report that a large number of fender benders occur at this intersection and at least one 2-car collision has been reported in the last five years.

Residents have requested the City to install a Stop sign north and south on the intersection. Del Mar’s Director of Public Works, David Scherer, reportedly agrees with the residents that there is a problem at 18th. Drivers often circle looking for non-metered parking close to the beach, often ignoring traffic rules making it dangerous for other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

At the December 14th City Council meeting, the request for Stop signs was presented by a group of residents. Council indicated that they were comfortable going ahead with the request and they gave direction to the group to proceed; however, due to lack of city funds the project can proceed only as a “residents funding required” item. The funds needed for the sign, including a required traffic study, are estimated to be $4,500.00. Residents have raised the funds necessary for the traffic study to take place in the next few weeks when the inclement weather breaks and a more accurate account of typical usage of this intersection can be observed.

While there is significant support for this proposal, there have been some voices suggesting different traffic calming methods that could improve safety.. There are concerns about increased noise, pollution, and congestion if back-to-back stop signs are installed.


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