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SCHOOLS: “Just right” for Goldilocks
Piper Underwood | Rimini Road


Superintendent McClain and The 5 Board Members

Superintendent McClain.  Photo www.dmusd.org

Once upon a time, there were 5 board members. The mother board member, the father board member and baby board members who lived in a small house in Del Mar. Since they had recently sold their little house, mother board member, father board member and baby board members, set out to look for a bigger house that would better serve all their children.

“Let’s go for a drive to look for a new home,” said momma board member, and off they went.

Superintendent McClain soon joined the board members in looking for a house. “I’ve been searching for such a long time, and I’m tired. I need a place to rest my feet and my files,” said McClain. Just then, McClain saw a house with a darling little sign that read, “Del Mar Hills Academy.” “Oh, this is just perfect, I will rest here.” But the residents wouldn’t have it. “This house is already occupied. Even though we have fewer children,” they added, “we more than pay our fair share to live here through our property taxes.”

Sharon moved along. Next, she came to a house with a beautiful little yard in a beautiful little neighborhood. This one had a sign that read, “Ashley Falls.” She thought, well, I could certainly live here. Why the residents of this house wouldn’t even have to move. I will build my house over in the corner, and no one will even notice I’m here. Not so fast, said the residents of this house. “We pay extra to live in this house, and if you try to move in, we’ll sue you.” With funds running short, the last thing McClain needed was a lawsuit. So, McClain moved on again.

Finally, she came upon an enormous house with many bedrooms and a huge yard. It was called “Torrey Hills.” She was excited as she knocked on the door. “Excuse me, I’ve noticed you have a lot of space here. Do you think I might be able to share your beautiful house with you?” Outraged, the residents cried, “We have many, many children who live here. You would be disruptive to them, and you have too many cars besides. We simply do not have the space.”

Torrey Hills Elementary School.  Photo Art Olson

Disheartened, McClain thought, “Perhaps I should just stay where I am. Certainly the new owners could use the rent, but can I afford to just throw money down the drain?”
And then, finally, it struck her. Maybe she should buy a place all of her own! After all, she did have that savings from the sale of her old property.

McClain and her board members set out with a realtor to look for a new home. Shortly after beginning her search, however, she discovered she could only look for a home within her district boundaries. This would be more expensive than she initially thought considering she lives in a very fancy district.

To be continued…


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