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  Pedestrians Rule
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court

The Del Mar Community Plan encourages a pedestrian-oriented, non-motorized community by discouraging high-speed traffic along city streets. The Community Plan calls for the redesign of Camino Del Mar to accommodate low speed vehicular traffic and improve pedestrian safety by limiting the flow of through traffic and narrowing the street. Recent studies confirm an increase of Interstate 5 congestion resulting in traffic increases on Camino Del Mar from cars escaping the freeway.

A pilot project sponsored by the Form Based Code revitalization effort mirrors the Del Mar Community Plan. It calls for lane reduction! A major traffic study examined the possibility of reducing lanes, particularly the southbound lane to one, while increasing available parking and pedestrian space. Six alternatives were evaluated, each proposing the merging of south bound traffic to one lane. One selected (Concept B) removes a south bound lane, provides back-in angled parking, a separated bike lane and some redesign of the existing median.

If this configuration were adopted by the City Council, it would be striped and studied for a period of two years to determine its ability to reduce traffic, increase parking, revitalize the commercial area and minimize negative environmental impact on adjacent residential areas.

Concerns about these changes are being expressed by commercial property owners, local residents, the North County Transit District and the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
Because of these concerns the Planning Director has extended public review of the proposals for 34 days and asked that it be considered by the City Council on February 22nd.


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