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Follow The Money
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

The nexus between contributions to the Governor and appointments to the Fair Board, without regard to qualifications, is a long bipartisan tradition. Many contributors are motivated to get these appointments as rewards for their political donations because they value the VIP perks such as box seats, free parking places, admission, status, and other relatively harmless rewards.
However, these appointees now sit in positions of power to vote on a Master Plan that can transform our communities, overwhelm regional and local transportation arteries, and seriously endanger fragile environmental resources.
A cursory check of the records of the Secretary of State reveals some examples of the magnitude of contributions of current and recent Fair Board members to Governor Schwarzenegger during the period of 2003-2007:

• Douglas Barnhart $193,000
• Lisa Burkett $75,000
• Kelly Burt $102,300
• Ann Davies $16,150
• Kim Fletcher $110,000
• Vivian Hardage $59,500
• Barry Nussbaum $2,500

(Magic numbers: 1/2 million dollars/1million square feet...the environment and small town life, priceless)

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